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Located on the banks of the “Oise”, “Compiègne” is a city that is worth a visit, and it is not the “Compiègnois” who will contradict us ! Established since Antiquity, it is a city of history, rich in monuments, but not only ... Between the cloister of the abbey “Saint-Corneille”, the “Grosse Tour du roi”, and half-timbered houses, lovers of heritage might be busy. And even if old stones are not meant for you, the Imperial Palace of “Compiègne” remains still an essential step. Transformed by Louis XV, Napoleon 1st and then Napoleon 3rd, it now houses collections of the Second Empire, enough to make a leap in the past for a day. And if the past is still not your thing, you'll definitely have a look at the Imaginarium Festival, an electro festival that takes place every year at the beginning of summer and brings together big headliners - For the 2017 edition: Naive New Beaters, Thylacine, Jacques or Étienne de Crécy - only a few kilometers from Compiègne. So ? Who wants to get there ?