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With its label “City of Art and History” and its historical center registered as UNESCO heritage, the city of Tours, nicknamed “the Little Paris”, provides a pleasant way of life. Come to visit its Roman amphitheater, one of the bigger in France, its Charlemagne tower or its 19th century style gardens. The city provides all the needed services, sporting activities and cultural events are not lacking. Enough to satisfy the numerous students welcomed each year by the city, with 26,000 in its multidisciplinary University. Crossed by the Loire from East to West, you can enjoy peaceful moments as concerts on boats, pilate sessions on the banks of the Loire, outdoor exhibitions, and lots of entertainment. Honoré de Balzac said of the city : “Tours has been and will always be, the foots on the Loire, as a pretty girl who bathes and plays with water, [...] this city laughing, in love, fresh, flowery, perfumed better than all the other cities in the world.” So, what are you waiting for living the Dolce Vita in Tours ?